Jake’s Precious Journey

This heartfelt project is about Jake’s story – his Journey that includes parents, family, loved ones and friends.  DWG is honored to be part of Jake’s Journey even in a little way.

DWG worked with Jake’s parents to create a website to preserve his legacy and support other families experiencing the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death.  Their support groups, special events, and newly published book are selflessly managed by Jake’s parents, John and Tani.

This project impacted our hearts as well as our technology.

Festival Mozaic is Dynamic!

Festival Mozaic is dynamic in more ways than one!. Their new site on ARTdynamix™ leads with a home page dominated by compelling videos that tell the story of their offerings including the world-renowned Festival in San Luis Obispo County.  Like the rest of us, they are adapting to the changing world with exciting options online.

Since the Festival occurs in multiple locations, ARdy has added an adaptive map to help visitors navigate the various Festival venues (and an easy way for the Festival Mozaic team to manage).  Take a peek here. Click on a pin and you’ll see the venue information and weather.  Makes you want to spend some time on the California coast I bet.

About Festival Mozaic:

Festival Mozaic is an annual celebration of music that takes place on California’s beautiful Central Coast in San Luis Obispo County. The Festival consists of chamber music concerts, orchestra performances, crossover and popular artists, Notable Encounter educational events, and free community events including mini-concerts, family concerts, master classes, lectures, and open rehearsals. Festival artists are the best in their field and come to San Luis Obispo from all over the world.

Flushing Town Hall Launches

Congratulations Shawn and the Flushing Town Hall team!  What a pleasure to work with you on your site launch – thank you for putting your trust in the Dream Warrior Group.  Like many of our customers, Flushing Town Hall has proactively dived into virtual presentations and the results have been great.  So their new ARTdynamix™ version manages ‘Virtual’ Locations  and is ready to jump back to in-person or a mix going forward.

Their site contains many of ARTdynamix™ latest features (multi-lingual, accessibility) as well as customer favorites such as widgets, rentals, calendars, press releases, live streaming and deep links.  Ticketing is connected via API to AudienceView  which saves time and minimizes clicks.  You will also see the accessibility menu that must be a best practice for all organizations to serve your patrons as well as avoid potential litigation.

Here is Flushing Town Hall’s amazing mission but I recommend you check out their site to read more:

The mission of Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts (FCCA) is to present multi-disciplinary global arts that engage and educate the global communities of Queens, New York and New York City, New York, in order to foster mutual appreciation. As advocates of arts equity since 1979, we support local, immigrant, national, and international artists, developing partnerships and collaborations that enhance our efforts. As a member of New York City’s Cultural Institutions Group (CIG), we serve as stewards of Flushing Town Hall, restoring, managing and programming the historic 1862 landmark on behalf of the City of New York. FCCA celebrates the history of Queens as the home of Jazz, by presenting the finest in Jazz performance. We are committed to arts education and hands-on learning, for the arts-curious, arts enthusiasts, and professional artists. We serve one of the most diverse communities in the world, and strive to uphold the legacy of inclusiveness that has defined our community since the Flushing Remonstrance of 1657

Ataee earned information security certification – CSF

Behnam Ataee, DWG CTO, has completed the certification for HITRUST CSF Assurance Program. Certified HITRUST CSF professionals can deliver simplified compliance assessment and reporting for HIPAA, HITECH, state, and business associate requirements. DWG will help provide partners and their business associates with a common approach to managing security assessments that creates efficiencies and contains costs associated with multiple and varied assurance requirements.

This information security work is most often done for health care and non-profits as part of a required security audit often in partnership with internal and external auditors or accountants.  This data security and information security audit can also be done as part of best practice and demonstration of a proactive approach to security as is most often the minimal need in the case of litigation.

Here’s more information:  HITRUST

If you are interested in our participation with your audit team or to perform a certification, please email lamae@dreamwarrior.com

I Just Started a Company. What Should I Do Now?

At DWG, we support a lot of start-up businesses with their digital marketing and online presence.  Owner’s often have a lot of financial questions so when I saw this article from our bookkeeping service, I thought it could be of help.  Thanks for letting us repost, Maya.  You may want to see SolvencyNow.com


I get asked this question all the time, and the answer is – it depends. Let’s say you just started a company and you are not making any money, yet. First things first – do not stress. The IRS cannot take money you have not earned. So, there is nothing to worry about, and you don’t yet have to go  “What tax structures should I have? Should I incorporate?”

You do not have to go into any of that until you start earning money. Once you’re making over $100,000 in revenue and over $50,000 or $60,000 in profit, you need to consider tax structures. Just start making money. If you have something to sell, a product or service, start selling it and bringing in money.

Yes, you should track it. You should get bookkeeping software or an Excel spreadsheet to track the money in and out. You should have a bank account. A personal account will do, but use it only for business in and out. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to go get a DBA. DBA stands for “Doing Business As” and it is a legal term used if a person or company does business under another name than their own. In order to get one, you would fill out a form and send it to the Secretary of State or similar government position in your state. A DBA can be used for opening a bank account. When you need it, a DBA is easy to get; you could sign up through Legal Zoom or similar websites. Or you can ask your Bookkeeper or CPA to file for you. Otherwise, just ask your customers or your clients to write checks made out to you, (even better, have them send money online straight to your bank account.)

You don’t have to do anything more until you are making more money. But, do keep track of money coming in and what you’re spending.

My motto is: “Keep it simple”. Keep it as simple as possible until you’re making over $100,000 in revenue, at which time you will want to look at incorporating as an S Corp. That is usually the best way to go.

At the point where you are hitting the $100,000 revenue range, a good CPA will be your best friend and help you plan your tax structure in the best way to achieve your goals.

After you incorporate, you will want to get a business bank account and to set up payroll, but that comes later.

To recap, if you just started, the first thing is don’t stress the legal structures, tax structures, and IRS. Don’t worry about any of that. Build your business; do what you need to do and make some money.

Maya Weinreb | Founder & CEO