Necessity invented video options

It’s great to be able to share news about additional options and lower costs in the video realm.  Many of you are doing various forms of video content including streaming, pay walls, conferencing webinars, OTT, social…and the list goes on.  Been to TikTok lately?

But the options are expanding at light-speed.  Two years ago we supported clients with streaming services, ground-up apps and custom websites.  Those continue to be great options…but the invigorating change is the pricing behind the curtain.  While video backbones are still a necessity for streaming speed, the options have increased and prices have decreased.  Do a search and the options will astound you.

It is important to look at all the elements prior to making your selection.  Pricing options could include subscription costs, bandwidth charges, CC fees among others.  Features range from simple linked based streaming to subscriptions, downloads and rentals..not to mentioned video chats and webinars.

Welcome to wonderland (or a video trailer).