CCPA is now in effect

The CCPA (CALIFORNIA CONSUMER PRIVACY ACT) law, is now in effect.  California legislators increased individual rights over their personal information and what the companies how companies can collect and use that information.

CCPA is by far the most comprehensive privacy legislation anywhere in the US (American Bar Association:  Under the new law, your customers can demand transparency from you where the use of their information is concerned. They can request to know what information you have and how you are using it.

Consumers also have protection from retaliation.  This means that the level of service or pricing cannot be modified because the consumer has exercised her right under the law.

What Businesses will be affected?

If your business falls into any of these three categories below you better be ready to comply by no later than July of 2020:

1) Your business has annual gross revenue in excess of $25m,

2) Annually trades (Buy, Sell, receive or share) in personal information of more than 50,000 consumers,

3) Get over 50% of its annual revenue from sales of personal data

Lack of compliance to a request from consumer within 45 days can lead to fines up to $7,500 per violation.

For further information you can also read this great article at which describes this from the consumers perspective and how it may impact those beyond California.

Here’s an article from Business News Daily that discusses how business impacted can prepare.