5 Ways to Get Sponsors and Donations for the Arts

Receiving new funding, raising donations, and even keeping ongoing sponsors for the arts can be a very difficult task. While difficult, it is not impossible. It is important to believe in your vision and that you are serving the public interest. In order to gain the resources that are needed to support your cause and… Read More

Missed connections at INTIX Convention at Disneyland

I attended INTIX in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center with my Dream Warrior Group colleagues Nami our CTO and LaMae our Bossy Pants /CEO. INTIX focuses on bringing ticketing companies, CRM providers and the venues that need them, together. As a digital website agency, Dream Warrior Group was one of the few… Read More

To Do’s For A Successful Nonprofit Website – Part 2

Part 2  Essential Tools Some of you may find it hard to believe, but some nonprofits we have worked with are unfamiliar with the essential tools used to promote and monitor the well-being of their site or where to find them. So here is the run down: You must own your own domain name: While… Read More

To Do’s For A Successful Nonprofit Website

As our work with nonprofit organizations increases, we are frequently sharing information on the same key elements. In this article we will review four of these leading principles; responsive design, user-friendly navigation, colors, and high quality photography. Part 1 Design Essentials Responsive Design Responsive design refers to your site’s ability adjust to fit any screen… Read More