When AI goes Marching on

People have gone insane over Generative AI (the Algorithms used to generate new data that resembles human-generated content, such as music, code, images, text, simulations, and videos ). Unfortunately, Microsoft’s hype machine is working overtime (Bing with AI hit the mat and crashed after 3 hours of testing), while Google is in hot water.

Speaking of #ai rants and raves, folks went crazy about Google’s AI Chat Bot – Bard – yesterday. Everyone agreed that Bard made a mistake, and Google’s market cap fell by $100 billion (yep, billion). Looking closer at what was asked, something to the effect of “what recent results from Webb space telescope can I tell my 9-year child about?” Bard answered with many discoveries, mentioning that (the) “telescope was utilized to take the very first snapshot of AN exoplanet.”

The first time humanity took a photo of an exoplanet was around two decades ago. Many in the media (both social and traditional) began foaming at the mouth, and Google stock dropped. But, in the end, Bard was right: the Webb Telescope had discovered an exoplanet, albeit not the first.

AI is only code

Generative AI is merely lines of code, as clue-free as many children. Its responses are open to interpretation by the listeners. So, please stop telling me how “excellent” (Keanu Reeves style) AI can be because it is only as good as the nerds that use it (including myself) and the entities that code it.

I am working on a more informative article on AI, search engines, and digital marketing. Still, it may be a while because keeping up with AI development and my distaste for those who declare themselves gurus after two weeks of reading on a subject forces me to dig deeper and let the gurus rant and rave.

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